Tomoyasu Mani (Assistant Professor)


Jason Buck (5th year)

Miu Tsuji (2nd year)


Sam Johnson (UConn, Class of 2021, 2020 University Scholar)

Amrita Makhijani (UConn, Class of 2023)

Lauren Varela (UConn, Class of 2021)

Jenika Patel (UConn, Class of 2022, Honors)

Former Members

Cato Laurencin (UConn, Chemistry, Class of 2017, M.S. from Drexel University);
Mengshijie Yang (UConn, Chemistry, Class of 2017, M.S. from University of Michigan); working at industry
James Hampsey (UConn, Class of 2018); working at industry
Michael Kates (UConn, Class of 2020)

Javiera Klenner (UConn, Class of 2021)
Andrew Boudreau (UConn, Class of 2020); working at industry
Alex Oddo (Jointly with Prof. Kumar, UConn, Class of 2020, 2019 University Scholar); now graduate student at UC Berkeley
Reid Wilson (UConn, Class of 2019); now graduate student at UCLA
Meng Chen (UConn, Class of 2021)
David Tse (UConn, Class of 2021)
Gwen Ross (Highschool Graduate); now undergraduate student at U Chicago

Andre Decarmine (UConn, Chemistry Graduate)
Franklin Bundo (UConn, Chemistry Graduate)

Please check the Positions page if you are interested in joining our group!