Instruments housed in the Mani lab

Laser Spectroscopy

femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy

excitation range: Ti:sapphire laser with OPA; 285-2600 nm

detection range: visible & mid-IR

time range: ~50 fs to 8 ns

nanosecond transient absorption and emission spectroscopy

excitation source: Nd:YAG laser with OPO; 355, 400-2500 nm

detection range: visible; equipped with ICCD and PMT

time range: ~10 ns to ms

*Cryostat is available for both fs and ns measurements.

Other Instruments



Equipment for organic synthesis (rotary evaporators, Schlenk lines, etc…)

Instruments outside UConn Chemistry

Pulse Radiolysis

We use the Laser- Electron Accelerator Facility (LEAF) at Brookhaven National Laboratory.