Postdoctoral Fellows:

If you have your own funding and/or are interested in applying for funding with me, pleases send me an email, include your CV, a research summary and two to three names for references with their contact information.

Graduate Students:

We are seeking highly motivated graduate students interested in physical and synthetic organic chemistry. Please send me an email if you are interested. I am happy to discuss about current and future projects. Feel also free to email me when you are applying to UConn’s chemistry department.

Undergraduate Students:

We are encouraging undergraduate students to perform independent research, either or both in organic and physical chemistry. If you are interested in joining our lab, please send me an email.

REU Students:

We are participating the UConn Chemistry REU program. Students who are interested in performing summer research in our lab through REU program are encouraged to contact me.

Japanese Students (日本の学生へ):